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GROUP BUY Forged rods to suit later pistons

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  • GROUP BUY Forged rods to suit later pistons

    Hi guys,

    I've been talking to an engine builder local to me and hes able to get some rods made to suit the evo 9 pistons I've got waiting to go in BUT he will need atleast 3 sets.

    They are proven 600 bhp so these fitted to evo 7 8 9 pistons will see you safe for 550 bhp. They will come with arp bolts but you will need to get your own bearings (standard ones, acl any others).

    The price will be 270/280 I will get more info if needed.

    If your interested pm me but I only need 2 people to go in with me.

    This is a good opportunity for a decent priced rod job :)

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    Stock Evo rods are just fine at that power level. Just put ARP rod bolts in if you are worried about it.


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      This post isn't a debate on the power capabilities it's about rods to suit to suit later pistons