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Devils Own Water/Methanol Injection Kits

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  • Devils Own Water/Methanol Injection Kits

    Is there any interest in a group buy on Devils Own Water/Methanol Injection kits?

    The details are that the kit most suitable for us is this one at 325.99 (not incl. shipping):

    If 2-3 buy this will bring the price down by 10% to 293.39

    If 4-6 buy this will bring the price down by 12.5% to 285.24

    If 7-10 buy this will bring the price down by 15% to 277.09

    The idea is that you inject water or a water/methanol mix into the intake manifold post intercooler and this lessens the temperature of the exhaust and inside the cylinders significantly enough to reduce detonation and therefore allow you to run more boost and more timing. The methanol aspect is where it gets interesting though as this then can make ordinary petrol appear like 112 RON. Methanol is pretty readily available in the UK as its used in the production of Bio Diesel and you can buy in decent quantities on eBay even, it's better if you can collect though as the shipping isn't cheap and basically doubles the price of 25 litres or so.

    My reason for selecting this kit is that it's the only one I've seen which claims all the fittings and pump etc. are able to run with 100% meth, I'm not planning on running straight meth but it's nice to know the kit is designed to withstand methanol to that level where AEM for instance only claim 50% meth is OK. It also seems from what I've read to be up there with the best available.

    The installation process doesn't appear overly challenging; you essentially need to tap into a hard intercooler pipe to install the injection nozzle, wire the pump and controller in and run the transfer pipe from tank to pump to injection point. The controller has its own pressure sensor built in so you can feed a boost source to it and it will increase the amount of water/methanol injected relative to boost pressure. I think the ideal for the injection point is 6-8" before the throttle body but for me immediatly prior to the throttle body I have a silicone elbow and working backwards a BOV before my first suitable hard pipe for a tapping so I'm about 12-18" away which I understand is still fine. The nozzle is mounted on the underside to allow the water/methanol mix to spray upwards. The pump needs really to be below the bottom tank level so its not having to pull upwards.

    There isn't a tank included in the package price above as some people chose to use the existing washer bottle. This isn't for me so I'll be going for one of these mounted in the boot:
    There are plenty of options available depending on space and how you use your car etc.

    My reasons and limited knowledge described above but this is the spiel on their website if you want to read through under "description" in the link to the kit itself:

    The fitting instructions can be viewed here:

    I'm looking to buy at the end of the month so if it's only me by then I guess I'll be paying full price and that will be that. If you do want to participate though, please put your name below and get in touch to pay a non refundable 50 deposit:

    1. evofoz

    The balance is all to be paid by 1st May for anyone taking part and you need to indicate engine size as well as max boost pressure and rpm to get the right sized injection nozzle for your application.

    If you have any other questions, just let me know.