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    I also live in NZ and could be keen just would like to know final price and a have a few questions that you could ask him before I commit to it.

    I'm guessing it's lower then a factory sump? If so by how much?
    Does it have any temp sensor bung or anything on them? If not could he add a 1/8" NPT bung onto the side of it?


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      I might be interested in a baffled sump. depends on price etc


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        Ok guys its been a few weeks to guage some interest in the baffled sumps, I will be in contact with RaceFab within the next week to see what prices etc we can get. all those who have mentioned they are interested in one, I will add to the list of "buying" for now unless otherwise stated so I can get some rough numbers together for how many we are looking at as the price may vary depending on the quantity that we order.

        The list so far is as follows, if you no longer want to be added to the list or would like to be added just ammend the list in a new reply.

        1. Sean.leese
        2. HOL
        3. Skippy
        4. Anton151
        5. DanDanEvo2

        And Anton I shall forward your questions onto them when I send the initial e-mail
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          I'm still in.


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            Ok guy's the initial e-mail has now been sent with all the questions everyone wanted to know, I will keep you all informed once I hear anything back from them.


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              Right then guys had an e-mail back from Rob at RaceFab and this is what he said:
              hey sean

              I can price a discounted price for a group buy but will need to be exchange only as these are real hard to get in nz now. yes we would also need the oil pickup. no they aren't lower than factory and yes can add a 1/8 fitting no problem. also so would be best if they all went to the one address or its better the customers just deal direct

              regards rob


              *No job will be started until full payment received and cleared - unless prior arrangement with management, discounted prices quoted are valid for 14 days only
              * All Racefab parts are sold for off road use, if you require to use the parts on a street car it is up to yourself the buyer to arrange paperwork, tests etc to be legal in the country of use.

              So on that note can all member who are looking at purchasing one of the sumps please reply to this thread or PM me to let me know that you have a Sump and Oil Pickup for exchange. Rob has confirmed a discount as you can see, however, not given any prices as of yet due to them only being valid for 14 days.

              Also what is everyone's preference with regards to sending the sumps and pickups over to Rob, all the NZ guys that were interested you would probably benefit if you were to deal with Rob directly seeing as your in the same country and wont need to rely on overseas shipping, what would everyone else like to do? we can either Box them all up together and send them all in one go or would people prefer to also deal directly with Rob.

              If the later is more in favour I will let rob know who is wanting to do the group buy and forward the names onto him accordingly so he knows who will be sending the sumps etc.

              Finally here's a couple of pictures Rob sent me to warm all your appetites ;)


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                Looks like robs updated the design since I got mine from him a year or so ago...

                Looks even better! Note if you run the later Evo oil filter housing you need to modify the sump!

                I'd be tempted for a new one but its long winded now he wants sumps sent out first... :(


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                  Deffo intrested and think I got a couple of spare sumps n pic ups ready



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                    I have a spare sump and pick up I can send.

                    I'm away working after Easter, so won't be able to send it during those two weeks.

                    I don't mind sending it direct, or via someone else.


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                      Cool thanks for asking those questions and I'm still keen on one and would like it with a 1/8th npt port.
                      I'll get out my spare sump and pickup this weekend so its ready.

                      I'm happy to deal with Rob directly and send my sump/pick up once you have price and and your collection of sump/pickups all sorted.


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                        I'd be up for one too so let me know a definite price and where and when to send me spare sump and pick up


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                          Is this still going ahead or any updates?


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                            Yes this is still going ahead, I had just left it a couple of weeks for people to reply so I know what everyone wants to do with regards to sending The sumps and pickups out to rob.

                            By the looks of it I think if we send them out separately it will make things easier for rob as well as everyone else in the grand scheme of things as then he can send the sumps back to the sender etc.

                            I will be sending rob an e-mail this week to get the address Etc which everything needs to be sent to I will post it up here once I get a reply and I will try and get a definite price too if I can for those who are still waiting on that.


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                              Oh yep cool I'm not in a rush for it I just thought I would ask and get a update incase anything was going on behind the scenes as such.

                              Just let me know when you have sorted it with Rob and I'll get mine sent off.
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                                Im still in. just need to find a spare oil pick up and Im go. I ahve a spare sump so when I get the pick up I am good to send it down to him.