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    Guys can you all confirm you haven't put your baffled sumps on yet and if you have don't start your cars! I have just received a message from rob saying the following:

    hey sean

    how ya going?

    we have made a mistake with all those evo 1-3 oil pickups. I didn't notice but one of my boys has fabricated them wrong and the mount will hit the crank. can you get them all sent back to us? we will pay shipping both ways and give each customer as discount on other parts

    let me know

    regards rob

    So not looking good at all please let me know ASAP so I can let Rob know thanks!


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      Has anyone else fitted theirs yet?


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        Hi mate. I went to fit mine this weekend and it doesnt fit. It hits on something, possibly the pick up. Anyone else had this problem?


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          Guys if you are having Issues please see post #61 way back from when the initial group buy was completed (two posts above) with the reply from Rob, as a couple of other members were having issues and Rob mentioned one of his apprentices had fabricated some if not all of them up wrong. if you need any help or advice on getting the issues sorted let me know, Rob did say he will rectify any issues if there was any. I sent mine back to be fixed and it was sorted albeit I had to sell mine earlier this year =( (hopefully I can buy it back soon).

          For me it was the pickup pipe that was fouling on the bottom of the sump and needed modifying slightly.

          Anyway Keep me updated if you cannot get hold of Rob.