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evo 1 transfer box and rear diff

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  • evo 1 transfer box and rear diff

    I have the transfer and rear diff for an evo 1.. I would like a transfer for an evo2 (been told they are different) but will consider anything. Or will sell. Make me an offer.

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    The e1 & 2 transfer box is the same. Only the e3 has a different teeth count

    Rear e1 diff is viscous whereas the e2 (& e3) diff is plated.
    If your one is working ok, there's no point changing as you'll also need e2-3 shafts, due to the the cups being different


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      Thanks xlr8... must have got my wires crossed thought diff and trfr differed from e I will fit this trfr to my e2. Mine has a little whine... But if anyone is lookong for a e1 rear diff it is available for swap or sale. .what you got??