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I miss my second home, right here.

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  • I miss my second home, right here.

    This forum was my home years ago. I let life get in the way and so did the rest of our members. Between server issues and all else we slowly lost all interest to the brutal changes and in other words "simplicty" of facebook many forums beginning dying. There is one problem though. People lost their need to self teach. It has turned into Type, Post and wait for replies.

    Well, here I am trying to bring back my second home. Enough shares will hopefully bring some people this way. But we need help. Who is in with me? Visit some old posts, send through some notifcations and above all else share the forum on our enemies land called Facebook. We very well know that's the best way to share anything these days.

    Let's go. Hunting for the revival.

    - Pisarski

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    Some of us are still here bud. Been very quiet until someone has a question that no one in Facebook land can answer

    Shame most the old pictures have disappeared, but thatís something every forum is having to deal with


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      Glad to here it. Maximum effort then boys?


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        Yes indeed same for me I donít do Facebook miss the forum as I donít
        have any contact hardly with any of the boys unless you come on here.


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          It's sad to see it. But I travel for work nowadays and I feel like there is no better place to just hang then the Forums. We have all been turned into a community of folk who need instant answers. I guess forums have delays at times between posts and it causes many to get I guess unfocused. But I had reading through the uneducated replies on Facebook. You guys taught me to research and learn on my own before asking a question that has been answered 47 times.


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            Its too bad humans are not that smart to begin with. when they are served with the simpliest way they eat it and eat it good. Faceballs has taken over and realy makes matters worse since even people that have realy no idea about a subject thats been asked just state their "opinion"
            Forums was and will be the best solution for our hobbies. Too bad its gone this route.
            Hope you revive this ..

            FYI the website doesnt realy play well with chrome... (if its the explorer problem)


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              Build threads are the best. You can follow along with someone's progress, find out everything about their setup, what works, what doesn't. That searchable knowledge, and depth of detail is unique to this forum.


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                Yes, we are working on updates now and will try and get all the small bugs out. Couple CSS issues and so on.. But as Chris said and you Nick. The human brain is wired that way. The easiest method to take in knowledge or rather be told "how to" becomes the preffered method. Even if they know very well it's not the best. I miss being able to see changes like you stated Chris. The ups and downs, failures and wins. Things Facebook cannot showcase in anyform properly.

                Well see where things go. But I will try my best.


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                  I for one would much prefer the forum to ping back up rather than Facesmack!

                  I must update my own build thread now...


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                    As you lads know I've stepped back from the ownership of the forums bit I do try to keep up with the basic runnings of the forum. Albeit not as much as I used to.

                    If there is anyone who knows forums that wpuld be interested in helping out trying to resolve the niggling problems then please come forward and we can try and push the forums forward.

                    I would much rather see here used more than gaybook I honestly hate the place to many lazy people who have no interest in searching for their answer themselves.