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  • early workshop manual

    We have been trying to put this in place for a while now. However with work and family commitments we haven't had the time.

    The idea is this. We make up a manual from all the fantastic information that we have documented here this will then be available for all full members to download. We should add everything that we feel will be good information for the general enthusiast to help them keep on top of problems, mods and general upkeep of their cars.

    We are looking for members who have a knowledge of the early evos and DSMs to search the forums for relevant threads that could be used for the manual, copy the post into a subforum where we will then pick through these posts and add them to a specific topic in the manual. Please only put yourself forward if you firstly have the knowledge but more importantly the time to contribute.

    All threads/information used will have the contributors thanked in the manual.

    Kind regards the admin team
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    Moved due to no full members seem to want to help.


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      C'mon folks, it's in all our collective interests to make this happen.

      Any guides you've seen, and relevant PDF's (please don't just link the common and wrong early Evo manuals you'll see on the likes of eBay)

      Any write ups you've seen that's relevant to our cars.


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        i'll be happy to help, how are you wanting to structure this guide though? make a thread with multiple links each going to a different thread or .pdf files ?


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          A link was posted not so long ago with a load of literature, pdf and pics, but may have been lost when we switched to the new forum


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            The link that tom posted? If so we have this to.

            Doing a manual for us will stop copyright infringements etc also some ofnthe info that has been found useful on here. Sill things like maps ecu breaks gearboxes etc. Ive yet tomsee a manual that covers how to mod your car safely.


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              Not sure if this is the link that you already have and hopefully this will help, but this was sent to me recently by my cousin and there seems to be lots of helpful info on here ranging from workshop manuals, circuit diagrams to brochures of the early Evos and even things like the options list when the car was new etc


              Sorry if you already have this


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                Originally posted by Mo Arif View Post
                i'll be happy to help, how are you wanting to structure this guide though? make a thread with multiple links each going to a different thread or .pdf files ?

                Once ive set up the new usergroup ill add you to it. There will be a section with all the info you will need to get started.


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                  Anyone else wanting to help.


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                    +1 I'm willing to help. I have learnt alot off here and willing to contribute different topic links I have found good and information I have found out. I also have some ideas on different topics that could be made.


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                      Ill put you forward and I will pm you in a little while


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                        not a workshop manual but Every evo 123 part number here with complete pictures of parts - - TIP!!!! - some part numbers have been replaced with others over the years so what I do is google the part number followed by the chassis code and check it in , it lists the previous part number then the new part number underneath if its been replaced. for other Mitsubishi parts numbers -
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