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Evo Owner History & Hello's

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  • Evo Owner History & Hello's

    How about we help get our beloved forum back up by just saying a hello.

    Tell us how long you have owned your Evo and where your from...

    I have owned multiple Evos in my life but the one that has stayed has been with me for 5years now. Having been re-shell'd and built from the ground up it will never leave my side. Warm hello's from Canada. :)

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    Hello hello!

    I've owned my Evo 1 GSR for about 3 years now, but I've been in and around the car for about 5 total (bought it off a friend). It has mostly been a progressive battle of maintenance so far, but it works out since I'm a professional student and don't have much extra to throw at cars atm =P

    Also, I typically just lurk and search the bowels of the forum for information, aha

    ~Another Canuck, hailing from Alberta.