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    Hi All,

    Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong section - please feel free to move.

    I have done some searching on this forum and have a few ideas - but I just wanted to put this question to the group.

    What are your dot points for achieving 250 - 300 wkw in an evo 1.
    I have around 15k to invest and I was thinking the following.

    Currently have:
    Link G4+ with base map ( car hasn't been driven for 10 years and has had ecu plugged in but waiting for tune)
    Full 3 inch exhaust from Turbo
    Full 3 inch intercooler piping
    HKS 264/272 cams
    Walbro Fuel Pump

    Plans are:

    - rebuild bottom end, pistons and rods (is this necessary?)
    -Bolt on turbo (something like a GT pumps or FP?)
    - Injectors (~1000cc)
    - e85 and 20 to 25 psi.

    I really welcome input from people who have gone through a similar project.
    I want something fairly reliable so would probably be happy around the 250wkw mark but would like to have the option for 300.

    I figure don't reinvent the wheel and learn from others lessons along the way.
    I know there is vast information on members project cars, but at the same time they may have other ideas for a newbie such as myself.
    Just cause someone else has done something doesn't mean they would do the same things again if given the chance if you know what I mean....


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    One of my 20G builds would be ideal for that power with minimal lag around 400 at flywheel. I would fit later pistons and rods such as E8 or E9.


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      Hi Raeturbo,

      Thanks for the advice. Why would you go for those pistons/rods over something aftermarket?


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        Well, because thatís all you need for between
        400/450 bhp in my opinion. Iíve fitted low milage
        used ones in my car and itís still running great
        and itís done loads of track days, 13 runs at
        Shakespeare and I donít spare the horses.