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Evo 1 GSR from North Queensland Australia

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  • Evo 1 GSR from North Queensland Australia

    Hi Everyone,

    I think its time to get my Evo 1 GSR back onto the road after spending 10 years in a garage with an undiagnosed electrical fault.
    I found this forum as I will be seeking expertise on the best way to invest ~ 15g's into her.

    Currently it has a link g4+ ecu (fixed the electrical fault after all that), Full 3 inch exhaust and 3 inch intercooler piping, HKS intake and HKS 264/272 cams.
    I am currently in the process of putting the interior back together - full reupholster of seats and new carpets, full interior respray in black and white.
    I will be sure to post some pics when it is back together :)

    The next stage is mechanical where I seek some expert advice on how best to achieve 250 - 300 wkw.
    I have attached some pics (sorry about the size)

    Hmmm the second photo is too large it seems - its a black evo 1 GSR with white Volk Rims ;)

    Looking forward to being an active member of the forum - it looks like you guys have a great community here and I am happy to be a part !!

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    Hey and welcome to the forum. Always good to see one going back on the road.

    Plenty of knowledge and helpful people on here. If your looking for quick answers and the forum didn't bring anything up try posting on the official Facebook page evo123 the page picture is of an evo 3 rally car


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      Thanks very much Rallyeweezle!!
      I'll be sure to check it out.