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    Some minor updates, but no work done yet, and not for awhile.

    I have some minor acquisitions and ideas to talk about, any feedback is always welcome.

    First up, bumper lips. I have a full Evo III conversion minus the lip, so that had to be addressed. Evo III lips are very hard to find here, and I wanted to put a splitter on one as well. A few months ago I ended up buying the Malaysian Evo III lip replica, and it's a total pile of crap, so I had to start over. So, I bought T GSR3's lip since it combines the Evo III lip with a minor splitter already. I just hope it takes cone hits...

    Next, I've decided to move on from white. There is something special about a white RS, but there's something more special about choosing a color for yourself. I had a minor crisis when I saw this car, and knew mine just has to be red.

    Right now I'm on the fence between BMW's Sakhir Orange (first picture) and House of Kolor's Kandy Red (done in a silver base)

    And then, I dumped the Holset idea and bought a BorgWarner S200SX-56 (aka 7670). The single-scroll T3 turbine housing on it has got to go, it will get a .83 twin scroll T4 instead. Part of the reasoning here is for space and the ability to bolt it on my T4 manifold with an EWG, but the BorgWarner turbo is the better turbo, and it's a true twin-scroll turbine instead of a simple divided housing on Holsets. The 4" inlet is a rare model, and I really didn't feel like buying a 3" intake either, so it's perfect. It'll spool like a bastard with the short runners of a burning-hot cast manifold and a small twin scroll housing, I can't wait to kick the 68HTA to the curb.

    I also found out how to run an external wastegate with the manifold and turbo. On my setup, that tube has to be divided all the way to the wastegate too, yikes. A local fabricator assured me he could do it, so I'm optimistic.

    And lastly, what my roommate Mr. Pisarski alluded to, I now have a Cusco Tarmac 35:65 center diff here. I'm still unsure what center diff to use - Tarmac with VC, Tarmac with no VC, Tarmac with the Adelia, or stock diff with Adelia.

    If there was an award for buying awesome parts but never doing anything with them, I think I'd win.


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      If its not too late get a larger turbine housing.
      With T/S you need to go to a larger A/R than S/S.
      I wouldn't go for anything smaller than 1.00 on that turbo and nothing bigger than 1.15


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        I was thinking about that too. The .83 and 1.22 housings are $99 compared to $199 for the 1.00 and 1.15 housings. However, a .83 housing is quite close to a Holset 12cm according to my maths (Holset 12cm is close to .89 A/R), but then you bring the T4 flange into the equation. The .83 translates to roughly a .5 single scroll, and the dyno below was done with a .55 T3 housing on a 2.3L. It should make peak around or past 7000 on a .83 and 2.0L with good punch, wouldn't you think?

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          No it doesn't quite work that way unfortunately.
          Choking a turbo like that by going smaller than 1.00 actually loses power and torque everywhere and can in fact spool worse.
          They don't behave like t3 single scroll housings at all i.e. going bigger on 4g63's can often pick up gains everywhere (to a point which seems to be around that 1.15 mark).


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            I'll keep on the lookout then. I always did find it strange that Full-Race calls for a 1.22 for the S200SX-56 on a 2.0L, yet it's the largest housing that BW makes. Would 1.22 start to slow spool down?

            I just had a "oh f**k" moment from the post in your thread (don't want to clutter it). You made me remember that my passenger's side trailing arm is Evo 1, my driver's side had damage from an accident and was replaced with Evo III. I thought they were the same; I think I have a problem. The rear end had a minor tendency to walk, now I know why.


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              I don't know of anyone that has gone that big personally so i can't really comment on the 1.22 but i'd rather that than a 0.83

              Ha ha that would make for some interesting handling i suppose. I'm not sure if the extra track on the 2/3 was by pushing out the arm itself or the hub mounted further out.
              Be interesting to compare the arm to wheel clearance on your car to see if its different left to right.


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                Out with the old BorgWarner 7670, in with the new BorgWarner 7670! All of my turbo problems solved with one painful payment. No more wastegate issues, adapting issues, turbine housing buying dilemma. Definitely, definitely staying 2.0L now, and the .92 should spool nicely on my manifold.

                I'm going to guess that the rear track increase is the arm itself, and that Evo 1 trailing arms are friendlier for wide wheels than Evo 3s. There is visibly a difference between the two, as Evo 2/3 trailing arms have the reinforcement plate on the back. My car is definitely squirrelly, I can feel the back end step out on grooved roads; it feels like it has a lot of positive toe. I thought it was the front alignment doing it, little did I know...


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                  Very nice!
                  I don't think you'll regret that turbo any time soon.


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                    Kepp us updated I look forward to seeing how it performs on the 2.0 as that is the same turbo I want to run but with a 1.05 exhaust housing with twin externals.


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                      Great build\thread - very inspirational :D


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                        damn....another amazing build thread ruined by Photobucket.


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                          I'll reupload if I find some time.


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                            Pictures are all back up..


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                              Always loved the build!! Do you still have the car or done anything more to it? Did you get the EFR7670 on there and tuned?


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                                Still have it, yes. I haven't visited the car in a looong time, but it's sitting in climate-controlled storage, so it will stay pristine.

                                I bought this car in 2008. It's been ten years! I really don't care about where it's value sits, since I'll be holding on to it forever. It's my car.

                                I'm still stockpiling parts like mad, so things should go pretty quickly once I tear into it.

                                I have a 2.3L Manley stroker motor, thanks to Mr. Pisarski here. Basic 2.3L build with pump-gas friendly pistons, and a few bolt-ons. The engine's history is murky, but I believe this engine made 580ish WHP in a drag car before, so it will take me where I need to go. It has BC 272s, BC single valvesprings & titanium retainers, BC valves, and light porting on the head. ARP bolts everywhere. I'll be pitching the eBay cam gears and pulley, and swapping the valvetrain to GSC S3s with Kiggly springs & retainers, Fluidampr pulley, and other minor stuff. I'm searching for a decent vertical-flow intercooler, preferably made by Hellion or Sheepey, I just don't want to pay a fortune for a new one. I'll be redoing all of the piping in 2.5", deleting the BOV, and making things nice 'n tidy. The downpipe, of course, needs to be fabricated, the radiator needs to be tucked, and a whole lot more. A local chap offered to have the whole EFR setup fabricated and installed for me, in exchange for my 68HTA setup, which I'm on board with. I just need to collect a lot of parts to do it.

                                Gonna do something like this:

                                I got a basket full of goodies for the transmission, including all of the major parts for a rebuild. I'm staying with the Evo I first and second gears, and converting to the Evo III third & fourth gear setup. I've got all the replacement parts before they disappeared forever, thanks to Tim Zimmer (TMZ Performance). I did have to find a hub & slider assembly in France, since the rest are gone. It's a DSM HD unit, which I'm hoping I never break. I still have a Ralliart front LSD, freshly rebuilt by Route6 in Japan, and a brand new Adelia Magic coupling. I'll have Tim build the transmission when he's up to it. Clutch is still undecided between one of Tim's South Bend setups, or an OS Giken R2CD.

                                I found a pair of RaceFab front control arms to put my wheelbase issues to rest. Also have the replacement rear trailing arm to bring the car back to normal.

                                Body-wise is pretty much settled. It will look pretty much like this. Yes, I own that car's wing.

                                With this car's front end, and different side skirts:

                                (lip and taillights not pictured here)

                                One-off (?) pair of JDM Gsquare sideskirts

                                And these. Ohhhhh gosh yes, these. I looked for years for even one of these. One is still brand new in the bag, the other is in great shape. Original Ralliart racing seats, a factory rebadge of the kevlar Bride GIAS II. I picked these up in Edmonton, and I'm absolutely in love with them.

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