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Lucas's Evo 2 GSR Street build

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  • Lucas's Evo 2 GSR Street build

    Not sure how fast this build will progress along but I plan on doing it all to the most quality standard I can do, in the end I'm aiming for around 400bhp, enough to bully some people but not quite enough to hinder it being daily driven. Right now it's at around 340bhp, 1.4 bar on a 16g turbo. It has a 355lph fuel pump, I'm about to get some 1000cc injectors in the mail to replace the stock injectors. It has an uprated radiator, 3 inch straight pipe to muffler, Profec B boost controller and an Evo 9 recirc valve. I'm using an ECMLink V3 ECU, still learning the ways of reading different areas of the software. Any tips and ideas would be appreciated, easy mods and loop holes that maybe haven't been done yet? Hope to keep this going soon!

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    After some years of wear the last transmission gave up and took the 3 month old clutch the last owner installed with it, just received this in the mail and the gearbox is already prepared to be installed, hopefully back in action by the end of the week? Stage 3 Action 6 Puck Clutch, ordered it from Tegiwa, which I must say disappointed in service.. went from a 2 week ETA to almost a month. More to come!


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      Strange about the service from Tegiwa ive not heard many problems in the past. That clutch issue you suffered is a little unfortunate, hopefully resolved soon so you can enjoy the car again.

      The ECMlink is a decent system and apparently easy enough to work with, I have it on a reasonably powerful car with no issues. Unfortunately I cant help with any mapping advice…….. I use Ed at Fusion Motorsport for the mapping on my race car


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        Yeah it seems pretty simple, the last owner was able to show me the basics, changing air/fuel ratios mainly. Still more to learn though, going to take it slow so I don't blow anything up!


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          Yes I'd second Ed at Fusion, I'd recomend one of my
          20g rebuilds for the performance/reliability you're after
          but then again I would,lol.


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            I'm interested to hear about that build! And thanks for the recommendation! I think for now I'm going to see how far I can go with learning to personally tune the basics of the car