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Evo 3 Engine swap into Mitsubishi GTO

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  • Evo 3 Engine swap into Mitsubishi GTO

    I'm completely new to the Evo scene, but have owned my Mitsubishi GTO TT for many years.
    It's a great car, but it's always been in need of a serious diet.
    It's well on it's way, at around 1500kg, down from the 1750kg standard.

    As part of the reduction, and for many other reasons, I decided to remove the V6 6g72 tt engine and replace it with an early Evo engine.

    I have managed to find a suitable engine from a Evo 3 GSR.
    Gearbox is from a 1.8 lancer GSR, as the final drive is 3.545 which is same as GTO.

    Engine and box are in the car now.

    I'm currently working on integrating it into the car.
    I never expected it to be a simple task, and it's proving to be a little tricky. However, I don't think there is anything I cannot deal with.

    I do have a load of pics to upload. Will get them done asap.

    Any questions , please ask.


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    Ahh, that sounds interesting will keep an eye on this, good luck with the build


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      It's different for sure, I want to see it work. My only concern is that the GSR transmission is weak behind the 4G63, especially when put into a heavier car.


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        I agree wouldn’t it be better with the Evo stuff


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          Seems like his point for the GSR Trans was for the 3.545 ratio... however IIRC all he would need to run an Evo GB with the 3.545 Rear Diff is the Proper TCase right? I forget what was needed to be changed for that to work.