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  • Haven't updated this in a while...

    After many months and years for some of these parts i finally have all the pieces of the puzzle to install the new ecu and engine wiring loom.
    This is my first start from scratch ecu project as others have been plug and play or previously used ecu's.

    It doesn't look like much but huge amount of time goes into researching and ordering all the new plugs, pins, seals etc to suit each connector and getting all the right sensors etc, must have spent many hours on the Mouser website not to mention a fair chunk of coin!

    Here's a bit of a list of the parts so far, still haven't worked out how i'm going to integrate a double din screen via canbus to display all the gauges as i'm going to sell off the Defi display unit and all related sensors in order to fit the sensors for the ecu.

    Bosch Motorsport 'Smart' coils
    Custom water jet cut alloy coil mounting plate
    Emtron 4 bar map sensor
    Continental flex fuel sensor
    Jegs 6AN dash fittings for ethanol sensor
    Emtron SL4 ecu
    Panel mount ethanet port
    Honeywell fuel and oil pressure sensors
    Honeywell coolant and oil temp sensors
    All new TPS, CAS and injector plugs
    Aviation wire (multi-core shielded, multicore and single core)

    Next issue is finding time to start the wiring and installation among a busy motorsport season... Tempting to start after tomorrow's round 5 but i'd hate to have issues and not be able to make the final round! Will have to see what happens.


    • I embarked on the new ecu install about 6 weeks ago doing the odd evening here and there and a couple of full on weekends.
      Completely underestimated the time to create an engine loom from scratch especially with the number of plugs and sensors i had elected to fit...the hours just flew by especially when it came to crimping all the terminals and assembling all the plugs.

      Any colour wire you like as long as its white :lol:
      You can spot the aircraft engineer in me that's for sure but aviation does have very good quality wire and its cheap in this sort of quantity.
      Would have spent more buying wire from supercheap i reckon.

      Also made up a new switch panel using the original panel from TRYTNC which i had lying around from years ago.
      Need to make up some labels at some point so i don't get confused. The switches control flat shift, launch control, logger, speed limiter and hi/lo boost.

      Unfortunately i had a few issues configuring everything in time as well as some coil issues so things were looking really grim before my final round of the clubsport sprint championship the other weekend... the engine wasn't even running the day before!
      I was all ready to enter the TME when i made the call to quickly unplug everything and throw the autronic/msd back in it temporarily.
      Turned the key and promptly blew an ignition fuse... took me another hour to diagnose a bad connection and even more stress.
      In the end it started and ran fine so i was able to make it out to the track the next morning.

      First run i was super conservative just wanting to put a top 5 time on the board to secure the championship.
      Got back and found out it was a DNF as i'd cocked up and missed a cone so pressure was really mounting for the 2nd run. On the plus side the car ran fine but there was always a niggle that it would blow fuses or something! 2nd run went well with another fairly conservative go which slotted me into 2nd position. 3rd run was going really well until i braked too late and couldn't make a corner without coming to a complete halt and backing up... in the meantime i slipped down to 5th on the leaderboard :shock:

      For the final run of the season i was in 2 minds, bank another slightly faster run to secure the championship or go all out and try and win the round.
      In the end i chose the first option finishing up half a second of Cameron but with the all important points to add to my tally so i'm the new sprint champion :)
      If i'd won the round i'd have taken out club champion as well when combining my sprint and motorkhana points together but it wasn't to be. Super happy with how the season went and how little i had to do to the evo. It literally got an oil change at the start of the season and fuel in the tank.
      The gearbox has given no grief and still holding the power with no issues. The good old achilles 123's have done 23 events and probably going to pass 1 more WOF!

      I'm now working hard to get it ready for Ashburton Street sprints next month and fired up the engine on the new ECU on Saturday so things are looking good. Have booked a session at AVR the day before to throw the car on the dynapak so will be interesting what numbers it puts down. Its always been on rollers in the past. Just keen to see the numbers and do some flex fuel tuning with proper knock detection. Nothing too serious.


      • Had a few big weeks getting the car ready for Ashburton but i managed to get most things done in time fortunately.

        Haven't been able to safely mount the new wheels and tyres so finally got around to fitting some extended rear wheel studs and my custom 8mm wheel spacers i machined up last christmas. Turns out you can't just slip the much longer studs in without disassembling everything so i cut them down until they were only 8mm longer than factory so at least offer the same thread engagement as factory.

        Spent a fair amount of time getting my truck and trailer sorted to carry 2 cars at once... had to make up some transfer ramps to drive from the trailer to the deck and sort out a towbar which is far more expensive for a heavy vehicle. Was surprisingly effective making loading very easy and it towed really well. Would be nice to have another 30hp for the hills but it chugged away ok and wasn't too bad on gas averaging 16L/100km diesel for the trip sitting around 6 tonne.

        Was a mad rush to get the engine tuned also but i managed to do 3 night sessions after work dialling in the fuel map etc and sorting out a few issues as i came across them.

        This year was mental with 60 cars and the most competitive field yet. The times to make the top 32 and top 16 plummeted on previous years leaving a lot of fast cars stranded not making the cut.

        Had the second hand 03G softs on the car and promptly spun on the first corner of the first run do'h!
        They had less grip than my usual Achilles 123 cold so quickly had to adapt until they at least had a little heat in them. Doing some big powerslides on corner exit seemed to do the trick on subsequent runs through the sweeper.

        As per previous years i didn't throw everything at it until the top 32 shootout but did enough to safely get through each stage. Was putting most of my effort into increasing corner speed as thats where you pick up the most time as opposed to adding more power.

        Managed to get 1st in my class for the 3rd year in a row and 4th overall after 2 of the top contenders crashed out on the top 16 shootout.
        Took 3 seconds off my PB which would have put me on the podium the previous 2 years but not to be this time round. Already plotting some plans to go faster next year, really need to take some weight out of the car and i think i'll go to NT01's for my next choice of semi slicks.


        • Here's a few more pics


          • Any more update in the gearbox ? How many km have you put on it ?


            • Best money i've ever spent on this car!
              Its done nearly 3 years service now and no issues whatsoever.
              Probably only done 1000km but all have been at 500+hp getting thrashed.
              I'd love to know what the limit of the straight cut gears is but as far as i know i'm the only one in the world running this box so its largely unknown!


              • Glad it is working for you ! Seems like it is a fair bit Stronger than a stock trans Then . Seems like a good upgrade if you dont want a full blown dogbox./a