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  • Awesome this is moving along again now. Will be good to see it out when its done


    • Originally posted by RALLYEWEEZLE View Post
      Awesome this is moving along again now. Will be good to see it out when its done
      Cheers! Its a long process but I cant wait to drive it again. Its crazy how much you can miss a car!


      • So one of my bug bears for the last few years was the fact I lost all the door cards when I first got the car, when I mean lost I really mean that an act of throwing them out would be a painful thought. A week of lightening the car when I bought it in an attempt to get sub 1000kgs pretty much anything unnecessary was ejected. So my current plan to get a super clean road going rally look would be with homemade door cards, always a but of a 'meh' in my mind.

        I was resigned to an attempt at homemade door cards, I never truly had 100% confidence in my ability or any abs plastic/card/perspex material to get a half way nice finish. I was now considering putting in a standard Lancer GSR interior door cards, hell even looking at standard 1.6GLXi Lancer model door cards!

        Then on Sunday just gone an advert popped up, a mate was furiously ringing me to give me the heads up. Eventually 27mins after the advert went live I had spoken to the seller, turns out it was a decent guy I had dealt with and bought parts of three four years ago! A deal was struck and the next morning early doors, pun intended myself and my mate found ourselves winging our way north on the N2 for a 360km round trip, Raphoe in Donegal being the destination. Up for sale was a parts car, or more specifically a few bits off Evo 2 RS Rally car that was looking worse for wear. The seller has a beautiful Yellow Evo 3 he is restoring and this car was his own parts car. More importantly, yes you got it the RS Door cards were there! My personal holy grail! They looked more intact than a set I had my fingers on in Canada which i was nearly hitting the buy button on!

        My mate about to embark on his own Evo 3 restoration needed a few items too, so with some cash in our wallets a day trip was in order! Such a stunning sunny day made for a beautiful trip north, a much needed welcome break after all our recent wind and snow.

        The scene upon our arrival.

        A very sorry looking donor car whose days were long behind it and its future of not being long for this world. Its a sad moment walking around this and peering inside, imagining it in its heyday. Someones pride and joy, Someones fast machine that they hurtled around narrow lanes and quarries in the quest for personal bests and timed sections. Rust or natures carbon fibre had taken hold, body parts were crumbling under the touch. We got off what we needed, I had intended to take a lot more like doors as spares but there just wasn't enough in them to warrant me spending on spares at this time. I had intended on taking the front bumper but it was beyond repair. To have an original Evo1 bumper along with the Evo3 bumper would help with originality for the future Until the seller mentioned he had a spare Evo1 bumper! When it arrived complete with the extra fog lights I was even happier. Wallets lightened we set off home, safe in the knowledge the seller should now have enough funds to rebuild his engine and we had an Octavia sized car full of spider infested parts

        I couldnt help myself but hang a door card on just get a look

        Then sure why not throw up the farmyard spec front bumper 'for another look' Can you tell how chuffed I was with myself!


        • The desire to get cleaning the door cards took hold of me, in reality it was a job that really could have waited until the re assemble process, months down the line. With long days of rust removal ahead of me it seemed the much nicer option.

          What I was dealing with...I got some great input from Brian over at Spirit Detailing. Thanks needs to be sent his way!

          The clean up, general citrus degreaser.

          First pass with the plastic die....

          Finally the UV top coat applied..Big difference. Time will tell how long these hold up. But the worst is done to be fair.


          • Next up, I received the brakes back from blasting and total rebuild. All new pistons, seals and caps.

            Time for some paint, makes a change painting with colour rather than black or white!


            • Then there was simply no avoiding it, I had to make a start on the underneath. This was the whole point of the project and with the garage starting to fill with shiny bits awaiting fitting the whole thing was starting to stress me out. So Saturday just gone I had the rare opportunity of a day to myself, bar a football match with the daughter. The toss up between 4 hours on the bike or a day of chewing rust was won simply by the sun shining. With visions of warm summer days, car shows, road trips that vision won over the vision of hanging out the rear of a peleton!

              The underside needed a clean down first, the first picture gives and idea of what I was dealing with. The arches exposed from the splash liners had a few years of dirt engrained.

              A good dose of wheel cleaner mixed with Jizer soon loosened up the dirt. It was then onto good old soapy water and a scrubbing brush.

              Cleaned and exposed, surface spots of rust starting to show what I had to deal with.

              Then the grinding, rubbing and brushing started. This was always going to be a siege, given I was working from the floor and not with a rotisserie. So opening the garage door, setting a fan to gently blow dust out in an attempt to keep myself and the garage clean I proceeded to give myself a stiff neck and sore arms!
              Solid shell still so far, just surface mess to deal with. Only removing what is totally necessary. I will aim to cover in the Bilt Hamber Deox rust remover gel the parts i cant get at with the brush/grinder.

              Starting underneath, whats to be dealt with.

              As the progress moves on, its starting to come clean..

              Getting better, the spirits start to lift as the worst job is underway. Sadly my time for the next couple of weeks is extremely tight, a holiday and a full calendar will be a battle.


              • Keep it up!
                Good find on the door panels. I want to do the Porsche treatment on mine (wrap them in a black fabric, and use a pull strap instead of the arm rest), but I'm afraid I'll have a mob after me for tarnishing a set.


                • Now all subframes, arms, brackets etc etc are all painted/powdercoated awaiting refit. Its nearly a turning point with the project when the shiny collection outweighs the to do collection!

                  Finally got back to this and finished off the clean underneath. All surface grime and dust with surface rust, nothing major at all.

                  First task was to treat the exposed metal with a rust converter for any lingering areas, this reacts with the rust resulting in a washable dust. It turns black when it reacts, my aim is to leave it for a week and re treat where necessary. After this its a coat of underbody primer which has its own rust protector in it.

                  Already 48hours in the rust converter is working. The black areas are the reactions, you can see to the left hand side of the brake line where I have tentatively rubbed it and shiny treated metal is exposed.

                  Waiting for this to can see the amount of reaction going on, a naked eye would have assumed the brushed metal to be clean. Will be interesting once this layer has been wiped/washed off.


                  • This project seems to take weeks off, then a flurry of work when the inspiration kicks in!

                    All the excess rust converter has been removed, whats left behind is a 'Dalmatianesque' style picture. The bare metal and black spots where the converter has worked.

                    Next up is the 2kPrimer with anti corrosion, Im nearly complete with the first coat, Im going to run a 2nd coat over it to be sure. This stuff has a small working window, application is slow. 200ml at a time is mixed and applied. In this heat with the overalls its the maximum time you can get before becoming a swimming pool!

                    Rear Arch with first coat on, its exciting to see this stage as it means soon all shiny stuff can start to be bolted on. Plus booking in a slot with the Paintshop is see it roll out the door to paint will be a massive milestone!

                    Underneath, viewed from rear towards front.


                    • Another small update, time in the summer is a killer. So much else on with holidays and family. Anyways the first coat of Raptor is on underneath, Ive decided to do another coat 'to be sure' which I hope to get finished later this week. First impressions of it are decent, its dried rock hard to the touch and will be power washable clean. Easy to work with, the entire kit with correct Mitsubishi Scotia White Paint came to 160 odd euro.

                      It dries to a textured finish, pretty much matching OEM style. Although in this case applying it yourself ensures a more thorough coverage to all areas.

                      Rear wheel arch

                      Boot wheel well

                      I then got around to finishing off the boot internally. Using premixed to W83 Scotia White, in rattle can format with 2k hardner the end result is good for me and the boot area.



                      Next up is the final coat of raptor, then excitedly its time to start refitting the running gear ready to be rolled to the paint shop....


                      • Humm..... I like the look of that Raptor stuff. Is it easy enough to get a decent finish?


                        • Originally posted by RALLYEWEEZLE View Post
                          Humm..... I like the look of that Raptor stuff. Is it easy enough to get a decent finish?
                          Yes, it can be applied with gun or brush. I did the first coat by hand/brush to ensure everywhere got a coating. Once applied a foam roller lightly rolled over gives it a stippled OEM look. I worked with small 250ml amounts at a time. I felt it took the pressure off and I could concentrate on each area precisely. Im never doing this task again!

                          THe second coat will be gun/pressure applied. This is more of a decorative coat than anything.


                          • As usual these projects start with a great flurry of activity, then endless pauses while life gets in the way. Every now and then there is a burst of activity and you cant help but feel guilty. Guilty as in finding time to complete. But recently someone said something to me that struck a cord, or maybe it was just something I wanted to hear as in another excuse. The comment 'sure youd be bored just driving it with nothing to do' Struck a cord or maybe just reiterated my original idea of trying to do as much as possible myself and take my time at it.

                            Anyways, enough of the excuse making. I finally got around to blowing the final layer or Raptor undercoat. Lots of practice outside on old material soon led me underneath the car to start. The aim of the final spray coat was more to ensure an even finish/layer and look more OEM. With the Raptor you can adjust settings for it to go on thin or thick. The thicker it goes on the more stippled/rough the final coat. I wanted a smoother stippled look.

                            10 worth of dust sheets eased my novice painters mind, I had visions of this stuff settling everywhere! In the end it was nowhere near as messy as I had envisaged.

                            My daughter was fascinated with the whole paint setup, such a job I had to keep her out. Gave her camera duty instead.

                            Final coat, its rock hard and wipe clean. Oil and grease resistant and power washable. It should outlive me!


                            • Final prep of body parts ready to accompany car to the bodyshop.

                              Remember that bumper! Time to tackle it.

                              Evo1 and Evo2 front bumpers run a plastic lip which is the proverbial Unicorn poo to find, a number of other options are available such as the 02-04 Corolla bottom lip as its in two parts and fits very well. A new lip sourced from soon arrived. The trial offer up...

                              Next up was to remove the metal supports, fog lights and bracketry for clean up. Again parts that are very hard to come across, so refurb is the only way. Fairly cruddy, a new impact screw driver bought and now I reckon it could be one of my favourite tools in the box!

                              Original Cibie lights


                              • A big day in the parish! Started last night refitting parts, emptied the box of bolts/screw bags and the jigsaw puzzle begins!

                                Fuel filler pipe installed

                                Propshaft guard mounted along with brake lines fitted back on.

                                Time is take to tidy up anything that needs, its the little and simple jobs sometimes that brings the most satisfaction