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  • Another visit to the shop this afternoon! To say im excited is an understatement. First full car of mine to ever get this treatment so the whole journey at this point is a learning curve. This is what greeted me....

    Painted and buffed, some shine off it! What its highlighted is just how yellow the white paint had become over time. Now waiting on screens to go in, front windscreen is brand new. Im expecting this back in my garage towards the end of next week. Id best get cleaning the floor and tidying up. Dont want to contaminate it

    That ass!

    Interior, got full treatment too. As the final product will be all exposed a nice fresh shine is goooood


    • Thats goint to look the tits whenits done


      • Cheers, waiting on it to arrive home, in the meantime all the plastics are undergoing a deep clean!


        • Every time I see this thread it make me think more should be done with mine.

          Small amount of guilt creeping in......


          • So lack of updates means what....essentially a lack of progress. No car back yet, last I heard a week back was waiting on a windscreen. Im too nervous to enquire plus it will give him chance to finish off all the body trim such as spoiler, bumpers, skirts and canards. At least thats what I keep telling myself.

            In the meantime Ive started looking at the collection of boxes with parts, pieces and unknown objects! Garage is half tidied awaiting the return, Ive had a few words with the BMW along the lines of 'go hibernate for a while' The bottom two rungs of the shelf bay are stuffed and expanding rapidly! From new Mitsubishi OEM parts to refurb parts I cant wait to tackle this one box at a time...

            All the internal plastics had started to fade, scratch and develop that grey/brown hue that only a Japanese interior can. So I set to work with degreaser, gentle heat and some interior plastic cleaner. A light wipe with an oil damp cloth helps to darken up the plastic once heat is applied I find. Not a perfect finish on these plastic handles but a damn sight better than when they came off. The handle cups seem to be the worst, I may have another sweep over these, or I hope to visit a breaker again soon. I might see if there is a decent set on there.

            Aside from the faded plastics, another issue with Japanese plastics of this vintage are the trim clips....msireland a company up in Dungannon where exhibiting at the Motor Traders show earlier this year. Their catalogue is so handy! Lifesize images of the clips so you can compare and re order. The inner nerd in me enjoyed this!

            The front valance under the windscreen was pretty faded, again a degrease, gentle heat and wipe with oil damp cloth and finished off with an internal plastics cleaner seems to do the trick. Only time will tell. If it needs to be oiled/cleaned once a year I can live with that. A before and after shot for comparison.

            I then dug the exhaust out from its hiding spot, its been a year since I last saw this, I had a romantic notion in my head to dig out my polishing wheel and give the box and tip a good fettling. Nothing nicer than a rear end shot with a shiny canon looking at you. Sadly, and Im quite ****ed off with lovely SR back box of Jasma quality has seen better days. JDM goodness being ditched....arghhhh no!!! Id love to think someone could weld a plate up and fix it up......its beyone my tack welding capabilites though. If you think you can weld this Ill pay good beer tokens for it just shout!


            Next up is the installment where I tackle the Corbeau seats fading issues ! I toyed with the idea of new replacements but the budget is only so long for now. In the meantime i have investigated the cloth dye situation and decided to give it a to follow if i dont turn everything in the garage black!
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            • Guess whos back!

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              • More shiny pics! I cant stop looking at it, is that weird

                Couldnt resist lining new wheels up. Car will go back on axle stands tonight and the reassemble will start in earnest.
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