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  • car porn!!!!!


    • Dude, seriously...

      This is just immense. All your work is exemplary. :smile-big:

      Any time you wanna build another pair of rear arms, I'll happily convert to later Evo rear struts just to fit them...


      • you are a f**king genius man that is some serious cramming in that engine bay if i had a hat it would be off to you sir:congrats::congrats::congrats:
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        • hey i'm looking to buy some coilovers and the company if making me some custom ones this is the things he sent me can you tell me if you think the civic lca will fit i measured one fast and i think the overall length is 18inches, if not how much would your custom later evo's one cost me?

          ok soo selex sent me diagrams of what he will build me and this is what i need to confirm

          front struts

          top plate, distance between the two bolts

          the distance between top plate and lower bolt

          distance between bolts

          Rear Struts

          rear topmounts

          now i know the bottom of the strut is wrong on his diagrams

          so i was also thinking of this and i'd like to get you guys opinion

          since these are custom made by hand i can chose what i want

          i was thinking this

          front evo 1-3 coilover struts with camber top plates

          rear evo 1-3 struts with civic 96-00 bottom mounting point thing

          what? :O

          i know they are like evo 4-9 bottoms so i'd need new lower control arms

          then i'd get these for the strut bar

          so basically evo 1-3 coilovers the rear has lower mounts of civic to fit lca or civics and new links

          btw i measured a civic quick at work quick today and it's like the same or almost

          lemme know what you think also, i need to know the measures of the stock struts if anybody wants to help


          • More progress this weekend.

            Removed throttle body again to modify pulley by adding a small tab for the ALS kicker. Welded tab on, remounted. Began to modify hood ribs since kicker just barely comes in contact with the ribs.

            Bent 1.5" tubing for N-S brace and installed a new harness because mine was not cam-lock it was latch-and-link so this was an update.

            All that's left is the N-S brace and the exhaust which should be done soon. First event in two weeks.

            Poirier, there are a lot of critical dimensions in those photos. I can measure the length of mine as the car sits now with -2 degrees of camber dialed into it. I'll measure inner bolt to outer bolt center-to-center.


            • Originally posted by agrabau
              alex, is that a 2nd expansion tank for your coolant by the dv?


              • Hi Joeb,

                That's the surge tank. It's the highest point in the system which will house the radiator cap and manage overflow and serve as a reservoir for added coolant. The one on the radiator is the swirl pot to separate the air from the water.


                • That's an excellent little setup you got there mate. Was gonna try a twin tank System but can't find anything for it.


                  • i have just re-read this whole thread again and all i can say is dude you are a legend :You_Rock_Emoticon:


                    • Another photo. We just got back from a rally so the car won't be done this week.. perhaps next. This is the new front to back subframe. We still have to add the pitch mount, oil return from the turbo and the rear half of the exhaust. That'll be it!
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                      • is that it????? you cant just tease us with that 1 photo and that be it


                        • I wish we had more time to work on this poor car



                          • some serious stuff man hope you the best in this build looking really good i love custom work keep it up!!!


                            • poirer4,the picture you have shown of the civic lca would be compatible with evo4-9 rear damper not evo 1-3


                              • Originally posted by ManicStreetEvo View Post
                                poirer4,the picture you have shown of the civic lca would be compatible with evo4-9 rear damper not evo 1-3
                                i know.... lol, cuz im getting coilovers made so i could have chosen to have evo 1-3 coilovers but the rear bottom mounting of a 4-9 thought i was clear on that...

                                just forget it lol