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  • Dude.

    Brutal. Absolutely f**king brutal.

    Nothing else to it. The note from that car of yours makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Amazing.

    (I wonder how many times I've said that in this thread. Doesn't matter, its justified.)


    • Originally posted by sirnixalot View Post
      I was trying to think of how to "fix" that end as well.

      If one were to say bolt L's to the frame (or trailing arm as the case may be) where the bolts holes were and then tack around it, you could run a bolt through the L's and through a rod end with some spacers between the rod end and the insides of the L's could you not?
      I was also thinking of something like this. Another option would be to bolt or weld a large clevis bracket to the frame rail and trailing arm and mount the rod end to that.

      This is was going to be my next step if the Ralliart bushing didn't fit in the Megan arms. I will end up doing this sometime in the near future regardless now that I think about it.


      • My only area of concern in just welding something there and not using the bolts would be that all the stress is on the weld. With the bolt there the load is also applied to the nut on the back side of the sheet metal.

        Am i being paranoid?


        • I don't think you're being paranoid. On some of the CT9A's that we've rallied the factory attachment pulls out of the frame and needs to be repaired. I'll definitely go this route now that I know the Ralliart bushing kit fits. Thanks a lot XLoki!

          Bill's shift assembly broke. To be more specific his shift fork became loose on the selector rod because a jet nut backed off and the fork was wobbling which left him in between gears. This was his first time using the Saenz dogbox so he wasn't too upset. He bought some new nuts. I think he would have been so fast on the second run. I bet top 3.

          Bill has a good video-

          That was the first time I've been scared at a hill. The drop offs were unforgiving. At the driver's meeting they said that they wouldn't rush to find us if we went off where there was a caution sign.


          • Alex your car sounds savage mate, love it!!!! :good:

            Awesome build.



            • Well thats good to hear that it wasn't a catastrophic failure.

              About the clevis mount: The factory mounting point of the rear camber arms is depressed into the frame rail. If you weld a piece of 1/8" sheet over the depressed area and weld the clevis mount to that it should alleviate the stresses on the relatively thin walled frame rails.

              One thing to note on the Ralliart/Megan bushing swap: according to my notes, the Ralliart bushing sleeves have an OD of ~1.425" and the Megan housing has an ID of ~1.400-1.405". I cleaned up the Megan ID with a dremel and stuck the Ralliart bushings in the freezer overnight to shrink them down a bit. They slipped into the Megan housings without issue after that. Good luck!



              • Pete, I can't find the Ralliart bushings anywhere. They're NLA and no one seems to have them in stock. In addition to that the standard bushings appear to be only available with the arms attached (according to CAPS) so this could be a situation that requires a lot of work if I don't want to run those bushings.


                • Well, another option is the SuperFlex replacements for the stock arms. They are polyurethane so they will definitely be better than worn stock bushings and the Megan ones as well. I am, however, a big fan of the Ralliart rubber durometer but if the SuperFlex poly's are the only ones available things could be worse. According to their website, the OD on the SuperFlex is the exact same as the Ralliart ones (I would hope they would be) so they should still fit.

                  SuperFlex Rear Upper Lateral Link Arm Inner Kit (2) 36.1mm (OR 1.42125") OD Bonded Outer Shell Bushes & Mounting Foot


                  • Those are really nice. $150 US though. Damn. Too bad Ralliart is gone.

                    That's 150*2 plus the rod ends plus the Megan arms it's like a $650- project.

                    well worth it though.


                    • Photo from Climb to the Clouds 2011, Mt. Washington NH


                      • A couple more. These were purchased from World Rally Sport and taken by Mike Proulx. They're top photographers.

                        Mt Washington Hillclimb 2011 "Climb to the Clouds" hillclimb


                        • epic!!


                          • So AWESOME!!!!
                            Im jealous now!!
                            i want those kind of picys toooo :)


                            • Nik, ship her over for next year's event! You can use our shop to reprep.


                              • Awesome build!

                                Are you still selling those kind of flares? I really feel like cutting away some body work :rotfl: