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  • Anton151's Build Thread from New Zealand


    Black text is what is on the car now
    Orange text is what I have got but haven't got it on the car yet

    Factory Evo head
    HKS 272 cams
    HKS Cam gears
    HKS Cam belt
    Kelford valve springs
    3G Lifters
    Mitsubishi MLS head gasket
    Factory crank
    ACL Race bearings
    Carillo A-beam Rods
    JE Pistons
    ARP Rod bolts
    ARP Head bolts
    Balance shafts removed
    Motul 300v Chrono 15W50 engine oil

    K&N Pod filter
    Custom airbox/catch can setup
    -8AN Silicone hose breather setup
    4" custom intake pipe
    Steve Murch custom turbo
    -GT3076R Compressor wheel
    -TD06 Compressor housing
    -TD06 exhaust wheel (small clip)
    -8cm machined TD05 flanged exhaust housing
    -3AN Oil feed of oil filter housing
    Modified factory oil return
    -8AN custom water lines
    Heat wrapped Sinco exhaust manifold
    Tial 38mm external wastegate
    3" custom exhaust
    Factory shaved intake manifold
    Enlarged 63mm factory throttle body
    2.5" custom intercooler piping
    Tial 50mm BOV
    300x600x75mm eBay intercooler
    42mm 2 core full aluminium radiator
    Aftermarket electric pusher fan
    Silicone radiator hoses
    Relocated overflow
    All vacuum lines now silicone
    10.5mm Eagle leads
    Relocated coil packs
    Relocated Aftermarket oil cooler
    -10AN braided Oil cooler lines
    Relocated battery to boot
    Polyurethane Cross member mounts
    Ralliart Engine & Gearbox mounts

    Walbro 255lph intank pump relayed to battery
    Factory fuel lines
    Factory fuel filter
    Factory fuel rail
    Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors
    Sard adjustable FPR
    BP 98 octane pump gas
    Modified factory fuel rail (twin -8 entry, -8 exit)

    Jun lightweight flywheel
    5puk solid center single plate clutch
    Heavy duty pressure plate
    -Evo 1 gear ratios
    -GSR 3.545 diff ratio
    -Ralliart front plate LSD
    -Lockable viscous coupling center setup
    -4 spider gear center diff
    Motul Gear FF-LSD gearbox oil
    Redline heavy shockproof rear diff & transfer case (LSD additive to rear diff)
    Superpro polyurethane rear diff mounts
    Superpro polyurethane mustache bar mounts
    Skateboard bearings to shifter cables (gearbox end)
    Steel washers to shifter base

    Factory brakes (front & rear)
    Braided brake lines (front and rear)
    15x6" Factory OZ wheel's
    205/50-15 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec's
    16x6.5" OZ Chrono wheel's
    GTO Sumitomo 4pot gen 1 front calipers
    296mm GTO gen 1 front discs
    25mm bolt on spacers (Front)

    D2 adjustable suspension
    Ralliart strut bar front
    Ralliart strut bar rear
    New 23mm Ultra Racing sway bar & bushes
    New rear sway bar links
    Rear trailing arms insert and spherical bearings

    Link G4 ECU w/ 3 bar MAP sensor
    Launch control Rocket Switch (clutch activated)
    High/Low Boost Rocket Switch
    240kmh speedo cluster
    Autometer Sport Comp Series with painted bezels
    -Oil pressure
    -Oil temp


    So it's been a while since I have posted on here but my car has come a little bit further so thought it was time for a bit of a update.

    Here is my original introduction thread

    And the first post from that is in the post below.
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    Hi all i been here a couple weeks but haven't got round to introducing my self or talking at all haha.

    I found this place by looking up some stuff on google and it has been good looking at all the pictures in other peoples build threads and members cars threads.

    (I don't know if my smilies are showing for you in my post some of them aren't for me)

    So first off here is one of the pictures that sold me the car or trademe :o -

    First thing on the list to do was get genuine evo alloy bonnet and ditch the cut up gsr bonnet it came with.
    Get a lip whether it be plastic or fiberglass and paint bumper.
    Ended up getting fiberglass, was finding it too difficult to get a plastic one in good condition

    It then went to this -

    The car had a few little mods done to battery relocated to boot, external wastegate, walbro intank pump, sard reg and gizzmo chip, HKS filter (foam not a fan of them), 3" intake pipe and a quite badly done (was crimped at start to factory 2" exhaust) 3" exhaust. It had a forged bottom end but nothing making the most of it as everything else was factory - turbo, dump pipe, manifolds, intercooler & piping, head & cams etc.

    In this form i raced it a few a times at the strip (closest one to me is 4 and bit hours away) Best time i got was a 12.6 with rest of time generally within .1-.2 within this. I was pretty happy with that and possibly could have got a little bit faster but my center diff decided to let go and become rwd...

    While I had the gearbox out i decided to upgrade turbo and manifold to something a little bigger while it was off the road for a bit. I upgraded to a td05/06 hybrid built by a local called Steve Murch (a google search will show how well his work preforms) a sinco customs manifold (another google search will show how amazing there work is and a local drifter even picked up a sizable power gain using a sinco over a reputable branded manifold). New 38mm genuine tial wastegate. New dump pipe that i made 2.5" to 3" at outlet and start of exhaust to firewall this fixed the most horrible part of it at least. New 4" stainless intake and new K&N filter

    and once i got it going again. Back to the strip it was :p
    After adding nothing more other then what is pictured above i managed to get a 11.95 with rest of the runs been once again within .1-.2 which i was quite happy with. I only had 1 drag day on this setup before more gearbox problems so possibly with a bit more racing may have got a slightly better time.

    This brings me to where the car is currently at now. Getting more upgrades while fixing the gearbox problems :)
    I have swapped out the factory intercooler and piping for a new 600X300 and 2.5" piping all round and a new tial 50mm BOV.

    I relocated oil cooler to get the intercooler and setup i was after (ignore the rusty bracket :o its tidied up and painted now)

    I got a new motor with a forged bottom end (a bit over the top but i now have a spare one if worst come to worst) and a worked head on it for quite cheap. It had 0km's on it the previous owner decided not to go ahead with his race car. The new head has been lightly ported and has kelford valve springs, HKS 272's and HKS adjustable cam gears. I decided to heat wrap manifold as well while it was off the old motor and it came up quite nice and looks good next to the HKS cam gears.

    I'm currently in the process of upgrading brakes i plan to get into the local car club and street sprints. It might be a bit over the top but its a bit of future proofing. Im upgrading to first gen Twin Turbo GTO calipers and 296mm rotors so i can them under 16" rims. I have measured and drawn up a bracket that i got cut out to adapt them to my hubs. Re-drilled rotors to 4 stud. I have got a set 16" oz chrono rims to put on so they are as similar to factory 15" rim as i can get (i think may have even been an option on evo 3's?). Next step is getting some bolt on spacers to clear the brakes I'm hoping that 15mm will clear them but i may have to get 20mm. Paint them black and polish the Mitsubishi writing and they should come up pretty nice.

    Here is a picture at the current stage they are at (sorry for it been so bad)

    Hope to have car on road again around Christmas time.
    Things left to do/buy are -
    Link ecu and get it tuned for 23ish psi (hopefully).
    1000cc injector dynamic injectors.
    Paint rocker cover and get some fittings for new catch can and -an line setup
    Install solid polyurethane rear diff bushes.
    Install solid polyurethane cross-member mounts while gearbox is out.
    Finish brake upgrade.
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      Now the latest with a few hiccups along the way.

      I put my car back together for the first time in a while with the old gearbox and clutch. I didn't say in last thread but I run a 5puk solid center. I was on my way to Speedtech for the first time to get my tune injectors etc. I got 5mins out of a 4.5 hour trip away from my house and the car decided to stop driving. Got the gearbox off and found the other half of the rivets holding the splined center to the clutch disc in the bellhousing. All the holes had stretched under the rivet heads and all the movement with driving had got to the point where it cut them in half. My previous clutch before this one was a reasonably new 5puk sprung center exedy that came on the car after a year I had managed to crack the center out at all the spring corners. So this is when I went to 5puk solid center to stop this from happening again. I have been pretty happy with the solid center 5puk it's no trouble to drive in traffic and has never slipped. I usually only drive car in weekends and maybe the odd day to work.

      So I got my clutch rebuilt and they have added another plate and ring of rivets. I have been told they have never seen one of these ones come back. New pressure plate and Jun lightweight flywheel went on.

      Also got another gearbox off trademe (similar to ebay) from a known workshop here north of Auckland where someone would go to source speed, People from New Zealand might get that. It had been stripped down and inspected and worn parts replaced with good 2nd hand parts. Assembled again with his bearing preloads etc. It was evo gearsets and evo front diff in GSR casings and all of the above was confirmed on the phone. So it should have been good. Got it in and 1st & 2nd gear are crunching. This I can deal with while I get a tune etc and I can rebuild my old gearbox in the mean time. Thanks Mayhem for the manual. This thread Gearbox rebuild info, and bearing preloads.. is what I'm going to follow. Gave it a quick paint makes it look so much better in the engine bay.

      Installed my polyurethane cross member bushing's front and back.
      They make the motor sit rock solid to and can't move it by hand and I'm sure movement driving and launching isn't going to be excessive now.

      Finally got my intercooler piping, Rocker cover, Catch can and Intake pipe powedercoated. I got sick of looking at the rough aluminum, all my vivid marks and scratches from when I made it. Everything came up pretty nice. Don't Really know if I like the catch can being grey though.

      Car is all back together and driving around sweet apart from the 1st & 2nd gear I mentioned before. Done a 1000km around here. Then thought time for round 2 to try and get to Speedtech. I made it there and got the following work done

      Link G4 with 3 Bar MAP Sensor + Dyno Tune, Road Tune and Cold Start etc.
      Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors.
      High and Low boost on a switch.
      Launch Control on a switch.

      I went and watched it on the dyno. It was good to finally see it there and getting tuned. Never seen a car on a dyno before and this is my first performance car that i have owned and its pretty much a toy.

      Just picked up the car the Friday before last from speedtech

      High boost peaks at 22psi and holds 21psi the whole time. It makes 257.8wkw
      Low boost is 14.5psi and creeping to close to 16psi. It makes 222.3wkw

      Torque I don't know how to work out yet you will see the reason why if you keep reading it also explains the little loop in the graph.

      I'm pretty happy with these numbers and car is so much different and fun to drive compared to when I was last able to drive it and give it a hard time.

      Speedtech also have a photo of the day thing they do. I don't have a facebook (don't see the point in them haha) but you don't need to have one to look at their profile. They had a photo of my engine bay when they were talking about Link G4's

      STM Facebook
      STM POTD My Car (The below picture bigger I don't know why it has gone small)

      Now the next issue when I went and watched it on the dyno as soon as they started they could see that it had a different diff ratio front to the back. I know the rear of mine was definitely a EVO 3.909 plate type so that means the front was a GSR 3.545. The new gearbox... So I have just pulled the rear diff out and bought a GSR open diff of a friend and have just changed over the centers in the diffs and put it back in. I also have a open rear evo diff is anyone from NZ is interested haha. Now the reason for the little loop in the graph was the viscous coupling was slipping on the dyno due to having the different ratios. I have to give him a ring this week and see what the story is.

      So I'm now running GSR ratios which is better because I will be getting across the end of the strip in 4th gear. I have finally got around to installing superpro bushings for the rear diff mustache bar and mount to the back plate. I've had them sitting around for ages and not got around to putting them in. So the rear end is sitting pretty solid now as well. When I was changing the the mounts over I also noticed the mount on the subframe had cracked so I swapped my subframe with my mates strengthened one that he no longer needs.

      So that's how the car is at the moment. Ive got this thing since I got it back as well that I want to get just that little bit more out of it. It's like it's a addiction. I have already bought a 8cm2 exhaust housing from GT Pumps. I seen this is DOUGMO's build thread and thought it would be good for a slight upgrade. I'm going to fill in the internal and give it a coat in heat paint now. Although the photos don't show it as much there is a noticeable difference between the two.

      I'm going to replace my pretty rough exhaust that came on the car finally. It's 3" but has very horrible welding with alot of penetration from what I have seen when I have replaced the flexi and the front part that goes under the motor to the firewall. It hangs really low under the car and ruins the flexi's on the road quite quick. It has a 2.5" rear muffler which I'm not overly happy about that also has a hole in the bottom back corner now from touching the ground. It also a 1 piece exhaust off the dump pipe to out the back of the car which is a hassle to get on and off the car. Going to change flanges on my dump pipe to v-band to stop leaking instead of a 2 bolt flange. I'm also going to have flanges in the middle to make putting it back on easier. New 3" muffler for the rear.

      I'm going to building a new cold air box and new intake pipe to turbo. The filter sits in a ridiculous spot now since the afm has been removed. Might also try incorporate a catch can into the side of the airbox and have it as 1 unit.

      I was also thinking of getting my evo throttle body bored out to 63MM and half shaft done just for that little bit more as well. I don't really want to change the factory intake setup yet.

      I haven't really done anything further on the brake upgrade yet/bolted it on at the moment I'm going to keep factory brakes while i'm drag racing. A bit lighter and I can run my factory OZ 15's still. I have some 16" OZ Chrono's they are quite similar to factory but a bit more of a lip and I'm going to run with the brake upgrade. I'm going to get them tidied up and powdercoated as well. I have my spacers made up for the front and I have decided I'm also going to get some made for the back to fill in the guards a bit more. I have a picture of the brakes and wheel bolted on as a test fit somewhere and will upload it when I find it. This is a picture with the 20mm spacer on from the front. The last picture in this post has the 16" OZ Chronos that I'm going to use with the GTO brakes.

      Things To Do:

      Install Gauges + Sensors, Make plate to hold Gauges in dash
      Finish Brakes/Paint Calipers

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        thumbs up. Everything looks great.


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          Looking good dude, and no probs with sending you the info. Sounds like it def needed!

          Be aware though, you need to make sure you are running either a CC Lancer GSR, Evo I or Evo II transfer box. A III transfer box is incompatible with the 3.545:1 CC GSR final drive ratios.


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            Originally posted by EvoMayhem View Post
            Looking good dude, and no probs with sending you the info. Sounds like it def needed!

            Be aware though, you need to make sure you are running either a CC Lancer GSR, Evo I or Evo II transfer box. A III transfer box is incompatible with the 3.545:1 CC GSR final drive ratios.
            Cheers and yep I'm definitely going to need it :laugh:. Thanks for mentioning the transfer case as well. When I started having my gearbox issues I started studying the topics on the net about gearbox ratios and rebuilding them about the time I asked you for the manual. I found this topic very useful.


            and after a bit of searching on here its all here as well just in quite a few different topics. I thought it might have been worth adding to the Gearbox & drive train section?

            Originally posted by D.K.Prince View Post
            thumbs up. Everything looks great.
            Cheers :D


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              Dear friend,

              What type of paint you used for your intercooler pipings?


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                Bit of a update

                Have been up to Meremere Winter Wars on the Sunday just been and entered my car.

                It is a lot different to drive now and has a lot of wheel spin off the line on launch control.
                I might get around to uploading a video of of my first run where i had the launch control at 5500rpm.
                By the end of the day i wasn't using launch control it was making my runs slower. I'm going to buy some wider/stickier tires at some stage

                My fastest run of the day was 11.700 @ 194.24km/h so a new PB

                Here is a video of that run -

                I still think there is a little bit more left in though get the 60' time down a little bit more.

                A photo from Icy Photography's facebook page

                Got the gauges here and have drawn a plate up to get cut out to hold them in the dash.
                Also decided I'm going to make me a new exhaust soon.
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                  Originally posted by 11000rpm View Post
                  Dear friend,

                  What type of paint you used for your intercooler pipings?
                  Hey all my intercooler pipes have been powdercoated. I also got my top cover, Intake pipe and catch can powercoated as well


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                    Been a while since I've done a update on here. Haven't really done much on the car since the last update, work has been quiet so money for car has been minimal. I have only removed some weight from it, entered a few events, decided what I'm going to add/modify next and more recently bent the turbine shaft...

                    I have been back to Meremere and entered their Nightspeed dragwars series over summer. I didn't enter the 1st round only the 2nd so far (its a 4.5 hour drive there and another 4.5hours back it turns into a long day/night when racingfinishes at roughly midnight).

                    I ended up coming 3rd in C1 class which is turbo 4wd with a breakout time of 10.99. I got new pb off my final race which was 11.577@195.57km/h the guy I was racing got a 11.562@192.50km/h it was a very close race and a awesome night of close racing overall. I have finally got my launch control sorted so I hope next time I go I can get my 60' times down to 1.7x which will hopefully give me a good 11.4xx if I keep same turbo (I'm likely to change it slightly). Below is a link to the results and few pictures of my car on the night.


                    Also entered event that our local car club put on called speedweekend. The Saturday is 400m straight sprint so basically a drag race and the Sunday is a Hill climb. I have never raced my car or even really pushed it to its limits around corners so it was a whole new learning curve but it was so much fun. I ended up coming 2nd overall on the Saturday with a fastest time of 11.50 and 23rd on the Sunday in the hill climb... Shows there is room for improvement on my confidence and cornering ability haha. I reckon if I had gone out for another run I could have got 1:40 or slightly faster. Below are the results.


                    Finally got around to putting gauges into my car a while ago. I'm running Autometer Sport Comp Oil Temp, Oil Pressure and Boost Gauges. The Oil temp is out of the sump plug which I had drilled and tapped for the probe. The Oil pressure is running out of the blank on the Oil Filter Housing next to the factory switch. The gauges are in a panel I have made that goes where the Head unit and Factory Gauges used to be. I got the sport comp series thinking they would look the most factory but the satin silver bezels stand out quite a bit so I painted them gloss black and panel satin black. This was also the main reason for pulling the head unit and speakers as I needed somewhere for 3 gauges to go. In the photo you can see the red rocket cover switches that's for my High/Low boost and Launch control Active/Off.

                    I have pulled some weight from my car of things that I didn't need.
                    Things I removed before Meremere:-
                    0.855kg - Electric Aerial & Motor
                    1.350kg - Rear Window Wiper & Motor
                    2.270kg - A/C Radiator thing under Dash in Cabin

                    Things I removed after Meremere:-
                    1.440kg - Headunit
                    1.740kg - Front Speakers
                    2.600kg - Rear Speakers
                    0.910kg - Exhaust Heat Shield

                    11.165kg - Total Weight Removed

                    Next time I have my interior out I will weigh the parts I remove to go racing as well.

                    So I have been talking to Steve again about what I want from my next turbo and he thinks go a TD06 exhaust wheel in 8cm2 housing so this is what I will be doing when I get turbo back off to him. I will also be making my new exhaust so it sits higher and is 3" right through with mandrel bends and use v-band flanges at dump pipe and middle of exhaust.

                    Made a little bit of progress on Cold Air Box I have made a template out of cardboard to get it to fit. It will also have a catch can built into it as well with some -8an fittings welded to the side, new -8an straight push on fittings and some silicone line instead of rubber heater hose (it went all crusty and hard). There is a pretty rough picture of shape of air box.

                    Then it will be back off for a retune/touch up at STM. I'm quite interested to see how much difference the exhaust wheel and housing makes in power and spool.

                    Also started sourcing parts to rebuild my old evo gearbox into my spare box for when this one finally gives up. 2nd gear is crunching quite bad and the bearings in it are getting very noisy. Plans for spare gearbox is change front diff ring gear and pinion to 3.545 ratios, modify center diff to accept 4 spider gears and a locking viscous coupling mechanism. I have just bought a VR4 parts gearbox (it was almost complete just missing 5th and reverse gears) It has locking viscous mechanism (just missing tab tab on outside will be easy enough to make), complete good center diff and 3.545 front diff and pinion gears. So now I have a lot of the spare parts I needed and I will check and inspect things in Evo gearbox as I strip it down to see what I need to replace for bearings, synchros etc.

                    With Evo gears and GSR ratios and I'm going to run some 215/45's tyres on my 16's these will be my speeds (eventually) this will be good to stay in 4th gear at the drag strip with a bit more power.

                    Judging by the way things have been going lately this will be the middle of next year or later so there wont be a big update for a while :laugh:


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                      Some good work going on there.

                      Will be interested to hear your experiences on the locking VCU.


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                        Originally posted by EvoMayhem View Post
                        Some good work going on there.

                        Will be interested to hear your experiences on the locking VCU.
                        Thanks its been pretty slow going but things should pick up on the car over the next couple of months :laugh:

                        Yea it should be good. The guy I bought it off run another one in his own evo which has 455kw at the wheels he has done a few launch's on that box without a problem he said.
                        But he said for drag days he prefers to just change box to one with a locked center and locked front diff... :nailbiting:


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                          A locked front as well?

                          F**k that... :laugh:


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                            I like your evo & this lol


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                              Originally posted by EvoMayhem View Post
                              A locked front as well?

                              F**k that... :laugh:
                              Yep :smile-big: I could only imagine how bad it must feel turning in the pits. But you couldn't ask for much more grip from your driveline really haha

                              Originally posted by evo1ricericerice View Post
                              I like your evo & this lol
                              Cheers, it got a bit breezy when my mate decided it would be a good idea to go 100km/h towing me to the scrap metal yard :laugh: