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    You're really going to need to do something about that sump mate.

    Any acceleration is going to starve the oil pump pickup, as it's now at the front of the engine.

    Baffles, trapdoor sump, etc, you'll need to figure something out.


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      Very interesting build! looks like a ton of fun, keep up the good work!


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        Originally posted by EvoMayhem View Post
        You're really going to need to do something about that sump mate.

        Any acceleration is going to starve the oil pump pickup, as it's now at the front of the engine.

        Baffles, trapdoor sump, etc, you'll need to figure something out.
        Definetly on my list, i'd rather a rear sump but if i weld some blocking plates so the oil can't go to the back of the engine it could work


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          Originally posted by EvoMayhem View Post
          You're really going to need to do something about that sump mate.

          Any acceleration is going to starve the oil pump pickup, as it's now at the front of the engine.

          Baffles, trapdoor sump, etc, you'll need to figure something out.

          You got me thinking and I think i found the solution, just run an accusump oil accumulation kit whats your thoughts, though for the 500$ minimum price tag i could get a rear sump made lol


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            Accusump is really designed as a safe guard for high speed corners ,not for your situation where the oil pick up will suck in air pretty much every time you accelerate, it won't have enough time to re charge.
            As you have plenty of room I would build another sump with an extended oil pick up to the rear also trap door it as you will be side ways a lot


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              Hey guys, I want to build a custom rear upper camber arm because i need to cut and weld the part with the bushing but it just wont happen because i would need to extend and tilt it to fit the original location of the evo 1-3 because as I'm building the car to be legal in the rule book, all arms must fit in stock location no modifications of the positioning of the arms are allowed.

              so i need to build a new arm, stock vs parts for the ends i would need

              i can find the two rod ends very easily and cheaply, with the right size pipe i can weld the right treaded holes in the ends of the pipe and just screw the rod ends in like a normal camber or toe adjustable arm, the problem is I can't find this rod end or bushing anywhere, the one with the two bolt holes like a swivel bushing or something, where can i order these???

              thanks guys

              also I took the engine out of the daily evo as I'm doing a make over of the car, paint, wheels, suspension and going n/a for fuel economy, i'd love to get my hands on a 4D68 engine :P but for now n/a so driving the fd3s daily for now :P, also got another car aka rusty lol for my gf to smash everywhere (her first manual) and incase something breaks on rex

              would this be a cool look for the daily evo :P

              in other news while i figure out where to get the parts for my rear custom arms I started work on the steering rack, I made the brackets that are under the stock rx7 steering rack bracket, only thing left is to weld it to a 2x3 and then weld that to the subframe and reinforce everything there

              slowly but surely getting there, feeling confident i can have it up and running soon


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                Wow.. been like 2years I haven't updated this thread... ok well been busy, sold the rx-7, got an s14 swapped it finished and sold my white evo now painted black and s14 getting aem ems-4 son and also evo 5 turbo eventually, but with more time and less projects its time to continue and finish this car

                sold my golf daily

                bye bye evo 1 rs

                my perfect new trio

                Bought a Holset turbo Casing, then bought new cartridge and bep dsm exhaust housing

                new shift knob my lucky number 4 and also a supra shifter

                still have these vr4 calipers that i've never used so i guess i finally will

                tried to figure out the damn evo 4-9 to evo 3 converson without cutting anything in the frame to stay competition legal

                then my car sat for like 1year while i try to figure out what I want to do, decided to say screw to the evo 4-9 knuckles and trailing arm and camer toe etc and put stock evo 1-3 trailing arms with evo 1-3 camber and toe arm, and evo 4-9 lower control arm and evo 5 rear subframe, lca is too long, so camber game is strong, i thought about just buying aftermarket camber and toe arms but i don't think that they would have enough adjustment to fix the camber and also keep the toe without putting too much pressure on the trailing arm front bushing

                so my new found fabricating friend is making me custom rear control arms with adjustments and also some camber arms

                custom sleeves for the whiteline bushings

                ajustment bolt custom threaded by my friend joe aka wildcard using hex bar, freaken awesome!

                winter was almost done :)

                was given the rest of a evo 7 shell so i could fit the dash in the drift car :P sweet who else loves free parts

                Bought 4blitz type 01 wheels 17x8 for the front and some 17x7.5 which i'll change the lips to get 17x9, also snagged these yokohama neova advan ad08 for 20$!!! from and old dude they look sexy together

                picked up even more blitz type 01 wheels,... i have a problem

                installed e46 shocks onto e1-3 topplates

                not bad angle but will be better once the control arms are extended 40mm and custom drop camber/caster plate installed,
                full setup is fd3s steering rack, s13 supernow tierods, evo 6 control arsm e46 knuckles and shocks and evo 1-3 topplate

                also they rub the inner frame so either notch them or cut them off completely since they are at the front of the car and unused, but will wait because still need to extend lca and also spacer with proper mags will help, again, to see

                and yeh not running no bmw mags, my blitz 17x8 with yokohama ad08 wheels in the front 100% eh

                how she sits right now waiting parts and a little love

                ordered civic camber arm which is interchangeable with evo 1-3 toe arm and a clear cam cover, bye bye russia cover soon

                well more soon hopefully rather than later also youtube videos to come with more cinematic entertainment



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                  Ambitious build mate, good read. I'm interested in the late evo dash in the early evo. What kind of problems are you likely to face? Don't tell me it's a straight fit


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                    thanks man, yeh i'll be having a rollcage in so it doesn't really matter the dash will be trimmed to fit with custom brackets and I don't have a heatercore because racecar, but it has been done before, my dream car is evo 7-9 so I want to use the most parts off those cars for my drift evo :P

                    seems to fit not bad

                    for the rear I picked up these evo 8 coilovers for 200$, one of the front shocks is finished but i wasn't going to using them, once lowered all the way they get pretty low though my car will not be slammed i still want it to have good form, The D2 coilovers and in really good shape other wise so I'm pretty happy for the deal and will be perfect for when starting to drift and if ever I want to upgrade it wont be as expensive, front I will be getting some made I'm currently in talked with a couple of coilover companies, I'm thinking evo 1-3 topplate, evo 1-3 shock length, e46 lower mounting and since they are 6k in the rear what I might do is take the 8k springs from the front d2 coilovers and put them in the rear and get my front made with 10k, also at the same time they say in drifting you want to a strong shock that can control compression and rebound and a soft spring to take the load, so basically a drag car going sideways you want a lot of forward bite or grip

                    these stock shocks are kyb gymkahana on RSR lowering springs as you can see should be pretty close to the high I want


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                      Well Started working on the evo again!!! Please watch the video, subscribe, like comment it would be greatly appreciated thanks

                      New engine mount driver side

                      also remade the front engine mount bar

                      decided to remove subframe and tackle installing the is300 steering rack, reason for switching from a fd3s rhd rack to a lhd is300 rack is the is300rack is easier to find locally and also it is bigger

                      had a whole bunch of tierods to try and see what I needed

                      Got some Custom B.C. Racing coilovers made to fit the e1-3 top plates and the e46 bottom, + Test fit

                      Custom Rod ends so my setup is LDH IS300 steering rack, IS300 tie-rod in, s13 supernow tierod ends with custom hex bar threaded to fit the is300 rod-in and s13 rod ends

                      Well next on the list is doing the backhalf of the driveshaft tunnel and the transmission tunnel, and I have to keep it within specs, It's fun having a friend that has a plasma and brake press at his disposal

                      Keep in mind I just put it over I havent cut the rear section yet


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                        I also have a little video coming out soon for the custom rear arms that my buddy made me but here are some pictures of the custom rear control arm, the toe and camber arm and test fit

                        As she sits right now, I just taped on my s14 rocket bunny wing on it and I think I like it lol

                        This is pretty much all I have left on the build list to get done or buy


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                          New Video showing some work on the custom rear arms and started working on the trans + driveshaft tunnel


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                            Progress is Key

                            let's pull this engine for more space in the trans tunnel

                            only some bracing from underneath left, but I can sit on this and no movement

                            and the video

                            I also bought a Weapon R Street Intake manifold for evo 4-9 from my hommie Pisarski but footage of this will be in the next video

                            chopped the plenum off to flip it 180 degree

                            only holding by duct tape but I think it'll work, plenty of room compared to the stock intake manifold

                            well see yall soon!
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                              Proud of you bro! Looking good man, keep the work goingggg!!! BTW I got a mint Timing Belt Cover! You can have it, little gift haha.


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                                I guess Photobucket decided to stop being free lol, sooo

                                big news this past year the evo is almost ready to fire up!!!! and thought i'd do an update!

                                so I bought a house! and I moved the evo to my garage :P, that needed some love but it's getting there

                                machined some 240sx hubs so they'll fit in the stock evo bearing but be able to run 240sx axles

                                made spacers on both side of the hub to place the hub in a good place and wont rub (also the 240sx hub is longer than evo hub)

                                start some wiring

                                drive line! :D

                                how she sits right now

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